File-Based Folding & Inserting

Folding & inserting your documents is simple with our unique file-based system.

Before your mail piece is inserted, we submit a data file containing a detailed listing of each mail piece to our inserters. Once our insertion process begins, each mail piece is tracked and recorded through every step of the process. If our inserters did not see every mail piece or did not properly complete the insertion process, those pieces are reprinted and sent back to the inserter. This process repeats until all mail pieces have been inserted correctly.  Following the insertion process, your mail is finalized and prepared for acceptance by the United States Postal Service. We keep you informed throughout the entire process from data process to mail piece delivery. Information is powerful and we want you to be informed in real time regarding the status of your mail.  You will receive an automated email notification when we receive your file, process it, print, & insert your mail piece so you know exactly where your documents are at the click of a button.

VariVerge inserts about 6 million pieces annually and we have the capability to insert 150,000 to 250,000 pieces a day.

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