Our Services

Direct Mail Services

  • Lower postage costs with bulk mail postage rates
  • No need to store your extra material – we will warehouse it until you are ready to send out your next mailing
  • No added costs for cleansing data
  • CASS & DPV Address Validation – standardizes the addresses and adds the barcode information so that your mailing is eligible for bulk mail postage rates
  • Basic Duplicate Address Removal – removes any exact name/address matches so you do not waste money by mailing multiple mail pieces to the same recipient.
  • NCOA Processing – updates addresses of people/businesses that have moved and submitted a change of address form to the Post Office
  • No tacky labels – professional looking addresses and barcodes printed directly onto your mail piece
  • Delivery to Post Office and Proof of Mailing – we deliver your bulk mail to the US Postal Facility on the date promised, guaranteed
VariVerge serves many of it's customers from its Dallas location

Statements &
Billing Services

  • Billing statement, invoice, letter and form printing services
  • Data merging and cleansing
  • Inserting, folding, tabbing, envelope stuffing, stamping hand and machine
  • Collating
  • 1st Class presort, bar-code, CASS Certified bulk mailing
  • Sorting



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