100% Mail Piece Integrity

Our 2D barcode takes away human error and gives us the satisfaction of knowing that we've done your job correctly, and we're confident in saying so.

As technology evolves, VariVerge reinvents.  With the implementation of a 2D barcode on each and every mail piece, VariVerge can offer you 100% mail piece integrity.  What does this mean for you and your company?  Simple, a guarantee that each mail piece was printed accurately and inserted correctly, 100% of the time.

Before your mail piece is inserted, we submit a data file containing a detailed listing of each mail piece to our inserters.  Once our insertion process begins, each mail piece is tracked and recorded through every step.  If our inserters did not see every mail piece or if they did not properly complete the insertion process, those pieces are reprinted and sent back to the inserter.  This process repeats until all mail pieces have been printed, inserted correctly, and mailed, 100 percent.

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