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Services available with VariVerge

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Intelligent Mail Barcode or IMB is used to create a more efficient way to handle the mail, for both the post office and you.

The intelligent mail barcode or IMB was put in place by the United States Postal Service in 2010 in order to streamline the process at the post office for submitting mail. The USPS made the IMB a requirement in order to continue to provide the maximum postal discounts. So how does the IMB benefit you? With the implementation of the IMB, you are now able to track your mail piece through the entire mailing process. VariVerge can utilize our system of Track-N-Trace to find & track individual mail pieces and deliver metrics to our customers regarding the delivery results of their mailing. The second way it benefits you is through lower postage, and who doesn’t like getting lower postage and saving money!

In Brief:
  •  Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) offers tracking capabilities of mail pieces through the mail stream.

  • IMB allows for tracking metrics on mailings.
  • Achieve even lower postage rates with the IMB barcode.

Variable Data Processing

How does the process work with VariVerge?  You send us your data file through our secure FTP server and we take care of the rest.

Our process is simple.  After careful discussion with you regarding your needs, your data is transferred to us through our secure FTP server.  Upon receipt, we process your data, create your mail piece, and presort your mail to ensure you receive the maximum postage discount.  When we receive your file, we generate an automated email notification that tells you that your file has been received.  You’ll also get email notifications once your file has been processed, printed, inserted, and mailed.  We want you to be as involved in the process as you want to be, and these emails help put our customers at ease when choosing to partner with VariVerge.  As soon as your print stream is complete and you have approved its contents, we quickly begin printing on our high speed production printers.

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