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AICPA SOC Compliance

Security of Your Data is our Priority

What does it mean to be AICPA SOC Compliant?

In this day and age, the cloud has become more and more necessary for the efficient sharing and storing of information, particularly for business that outsource to service organizations such as VariVerge.

With the increased speed and convenience of the cloud, however, comes the risk of privacy invasion when information is stored via server by the service organization. When such a breach occurs, the responsibility for the information still falls on the outsourcing business even while the information is stored elsewhere, so it is crucial that the highest possible security is maintained by your chosen service organization.

SOC 2 certification is issued by outside auditors. They assess the extent to which a vendor complies with one or more of the five trust principles based on the systems and processes in place. The security principle refers to protection of system resources against unauthorized access.

There are five Trust Services Criteria that businesses are evaluated on during a SOC 2 audit. They are Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy. Each TSC defines relevant compliance requirements your organization must meet using internal controls.

What does AICPA SOC Security
Mean for Our Customers?

Over the past several years, we have been working with an independent auditing organization to implement a set of controls in order to insure the security of your data, both physically and against cyber threats. These controls were put in place specifically for and tailored to the needs of VariVerge and our customers, and prospective customers.  Those controls were tested and monitored over a period of 6 months by one of the most highly respected and trusted auditing organizations in the nation.  At the end of the 6 month implementation phase, the auditors tested the controls to make sure that we were complying with all necessary controls.  We will continue to adapt our controls as necessary, and as we do, we will maintain AICPA SOC 2 compliance. With VariVerge, you can be certain that your information will be in the best possible hands as we help you to streamline the printing and mailing for your business.