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Who We Are

At VariVerge, we offer high speed print & mail services, helping you minimize your mailing costs while maximizing your response rate. You can click through our tabs on the right-hand side of this page to learn more about our story and the team that makes VariVerge the best choice for all of your statement printing and mailing needs.

With over 20 years as a statement printing vendor, you can feel at ease when you let VariVerge handle all of your statement processing needs, turning your data into a customized mail piece. Our process is quick & easy with the added benefits of saved time and reduced inefficiency that you cannot get when devoting your own time and staff to these tasks. Our team is devoted to your printing and mailing needs so you don’t have to be. Read on for more information on how we strive to be your statement processing and document production solution.

From setup to confirmation, we’ve got you covered.

Setup – We work with you to identify your needs & ensure that your documents will meet them.

Secure Data Transfer – We encrypt & receive your data securely from our easy-to-use FTP site.

Process, Print & Mail – We process your data and print your documents, fold & insert them, & mail them out – right away!  We can even add additional inserts, saving you even more time & money!

Confirmation – Need a report?  No problem!  We provide reporting tailor made for your needs when the job is complete.  Total number of documents, total billing amount processed – just tell us what you want to track.  If we have the data, we can create your report.

Proof of Mailing Guarantee As one of the few companies around the country qualified to offer the ‘Proof of Mailing’ seal issued by the United States Post Office, we can go that one step further to secure our clients’ peace of mind. This feature of our service is especially appealing to those customers where timing really is of the essence, as it guards against cancellation of time sensitive materials.

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