Job Opportunity

Computer Operator / Data Processing

Streamlining Organizations.
Amarillo or Dallas


920 SW 9th Avenue
Amarillo, TX  79101

VariVerge, LLC (sister company of Panhandle Presort Services, Ltd) is looking for a highly motivated person with a background/education in computer science/programming.

Position Location: Amarillo Texas

VariVerge, LLC is a printing and mailing company specializing in high speed variable data printing for banks, utilities, tax assessor-collectors and tax appraisal districts. We specialize in processing incoming data into print ready files, then inserting printed material into a mailing envelope and submitting to United States Postal Service. We use batch scripting to automate the processing of customer data.

Pay range is 40 to 60 thousand per year depending on experience and skill set brought to the table.  We are interested in young professionals fresh out of college to seasoned experienced persons with multiple years of IT/programming experience. 
Email a cover letter and resume to Luke Austin at [email protected].


  1. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred but not required.
  2. 2-3 years Information Technology job experience preferred.
  3. Some Knowledge of Computer Languages
              a. C#
              c. SQL
              d. PowerShell Scripting
              e. Batch scripting/Command-line
  4. Proficient in Computer Applications
              a. MSWord/Excel/Composition Applications
              b. Networking/Cloud Computing
              c. Task Scheduling/Virtual Machines

Goals for this position:

  1. Learn and understand each piece of software involved in our process. Software use involves GUI’s as well as traditional line programming.
  2. Develop a clear understanding for all the moving parts in our process in order to effectively trouble shoot problems as well as identify areas for improvement.
  3. Manage and coordinate all parties involved in system changes and make necessary process documentation changes.


Understand our data processing procedures.
          a. How we receive data from outside customers
          b. Process data using various software
          c. Learn and apply various software for mailing processing
                    i. DOC1
                    ii. Streamweaver
                   iii. BCC Mail Manager
                   iv. Uluro by Transformations

          d. Identify bottlenecks, through inquiry, that could be programmatically eliminated
          e. Assist in Job Level Documentation
          f. Coordinate and ensure necessary changes are made
          g. Understand and research mail.dat/Full Service IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) as well as other USPS mailing standards in effort to understand postal rules and regulations.

          a. Attention to details.
          b. Works well in a team
          c. Problem Solver
          d. Task Oriented

Email a cover letter and resume to Luke Austin at [email protected].

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