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Secure FTP Site

VariVerge Secure FTP Site


Secure, Encrypted File Transfer is an important step in the print and mail process.

Using our Secure FTP site, you may request a new account or reset your password for your existing account whenever necessary without contacting VariVerge. Once logged in you can securely upload your data.

If you have not set your new account up or have forgotten your password, follow this link. https://sftp.variverge.com/login


What this means for you!

  • More control over your account
  • Register new employees and create new accounts
  • Forgot your password? No problem, now you can reset your own password
  • The same security you are used to – just easier! 
In Brief:
  • Plan ahead and test your account or set up a new one
  • Request a new account at sftp.variverge.com

VariVerge is constantly striving to bring you the best customer experience possible. We hope that this will be another reason why you continue to choose VariVerge as your print and mail provider.

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