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McKenzie Parker

Director of Sales & Marketing

With 10 years in the print and mail industry, I’ve worked with a variety of different businesses and specialties throughout my time at VariVerge.  My focus began by reaching out to and serving county governments in Texas.  After growing that business to over 200 counties in Texas, I began reaching out to Florida county governments and developing relationships with the Property Appraiser’s offices there.

Throughout my tenure at VariVerge, I have also worked closely with city municipalities to better serve them in their needs for utility bill printing and mailing, as well as a number of financial institutions and their needs for monthly statement printing and mailing.  It’s always been my ultimate goal to communicate the benefits of outsourcing various printed documents for both financial purposes and to allow the customer the opportunity to see the benefit in allowing a company that specializes in the print and mail process to efficiently handle their printing needs.  If you’re considering outsourcing or are looking to change vendors, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered as a print and mail solution for you.



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