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VariVergeVariVerge is a Texas-based mail service provider specializing in variable data transactional mail processing. With locations in Amarillo and Dallas, VariVerge provides clients with a variety of needs when it comes to security and timeliness. In production, they insert about six million pieces annually, and have the capability to insert 150,000 to 250,000 pieces a day. They support several industries, including medical, financial, insurance, utility, and state and local government.

In the past, VariVerge had primarily generated PostScript files to be printed on various cut-sheet printers. However, in order to prepare for the acquisition and implementation of a new high-speed continuous feed SCREEN (Booth 10951) Truepress Jet520NX inkjet full-color printing system, they needed to ensure their production workflow was compatible and efficient for the new printer. They needed a seamless method to impose their documents using 2-up positioning, as well as inserting 2D barcodes in the document margins to drive and control a dynamic perforator. Being able to add these capabilities to their workflow without extra resources or financial cost was a major requirement.

VariVerge determined that a solution comprised of Solimar (Booth 11248) Print Director Enterprise (SPDE) and Rubika would serve as the optimum system workflow for their production needs. SPDE is a set of programs designed to turn computers into a powerful enterprise output management systems. SPDE connects host computers to production printers that, under normal circumstances, cannot interface with each other. With SPDE, VariVerge printing is now flexible, able to go to new or different output devices whenever needed.

Their solution also included Rubika, which provides post-composition document re-engineering capabilities. VariVerge implemented Rubika to eliminate manual processes, add value to documents, and increase the quality of print data. “Rubika is a very good solution for our post-composition document enhancement workflow needs,” says Luke Austin, CEO, VariVerge. “It automates many areas to save us labor costs.”

Unlike other software solutions, which rely on custom programming, Rubika requires no complicated coding. Instead, it provides an intuitive user interface to allow rapid implementation of production changes. Rubika is used to solve a variety of challenges, and can be configured in several different ways to increase efficiencies and profitability — avoiding expensive programming time, resources, and costs. “Early on we saw the power and flexibility of what it could do for us from an automation perspective. We liked the strong features and its modularity, but most of all we appreciated the simplicity and how easy it was to set up and operate. As we grow we can add new functionality with extra modules when we discover new incoming client work that dictates it,” says Austin.


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