SSAE 18 Compliance

Security of Your Data is our Priority

What does it mean to be SSAE 18 Compliant?

In this day and age, the cloud has become more and more necessary for the efficient sharing and storing of information, particularly for businesses that outsource to service organizations such as VariVerge.

However, with the increased speed and convenience of the cloud comes the risk of privacy invasion when information is stored via server by the service organization. Should such a breach ever occur, the responsibility for the information, and its integrity, still falls on the outsourcing business even if the information is stored elsewhere. Therefore, it is crucial that the highest possible security is maintained by your chosen service organization.

This is where SSAE 18 Compliance comes in.

The Auditing Standards Board splits SAS 70–the certification that a service organization’s system is secure and trustworthy–into two standards, one of which is the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18 (SSAE 18) for service auditors. The SSAE 18 standard focuses on assessing the financial statement controls at service organizations. SSAE 18 compliance is not simply a perk for choosing VariVerge for your statement printing and mailing needs but is vital to protecting your business’s information.

VariVerge Maintains Strict Security Guidelines to Secure your Data

What does SSAE 18 Security
Mean for Our Customers?

Over the past several years, we have been working with an independent auditing organization to implement a set of controls in order to ensure the security of our customer’s data, both physically and electronically. Our controls were put in place specifically for, and tailored to, the needs of VariVerge, its existing customers and prospective customers. Our controls are tested and monitored over a period of twelve months by a certified independent auditing organization. The audit is designed to show that the controls we have in place are fully functionable, secure and, most importantly, SSAE 18 compliant. In between audit periods we continue to monitor and implement all necessary controls to ensure SSAE 18 compliance. With VariVerge, you can be certain that your information will be in the best possible hands as we help you streamline the print and mail needs of your business.



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